5 Health Risks of a Misaligned Smile

5 Health Risks of a Misaligned Smile

March 30, 2021

Dealing with a crooked smile can leave you feeling unhappy and frustrated. However, the aesthetic drawbacks are only the tip of the iceberg. An uneven smile can result in several health risks at a later stage.

Here’s a closer look at why you should get a crooked smile corrected at Dentist of Chester Springs as soon as possible:

1. Higher Risks of Periodontal Disease

You are much more apt to develop gum disease when you have crooked teeth. It’s more challenging to clean away debris from between misaligned teeth as they’re set too close together. It’s also tricky to get flossing thread between crowded teeth.

The plaque and debris eventually harden into tartar and penetrates the gum tissue.

2. Premature Wear and Tear of Enamel

A crooked dental arch leads to extra strain on individual teeth and causes early wearing down of tooth enamel. The lower teeth protrude and rub against the teeth in the upper jaw and cause the enamel to wear away, causing heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods.

3. Bite Problems

Patients with misaligned smiles often find it difficult to chew certain foods as the bite forces are not properly distributed in the oral cavity. The upper and lower arches may not meet properly, and you may have to deal with digestion issues. Our dentists in Chester Springs, PA may refer you to an orthodontist to correct malocclusion with orthodontic treatment.

4. Bad Breath Issues

If you have a crooked smile, you may be more prone to bad breath. The plaque build-up between the teeth results in an accumulation of bacteria, which results in foul-smelling breath. While breath-freshening products offer temporary relief, you need to correct the underlying problem for the bad breath to disappear.

5. Broken Teeth and Headaches

A crooked smile results in uneven pressure, causing strain on the jaw muscles as well as teeth themselves. You may find your teeth more prone to breakage, and you may experience frequent headaches as a result of jaw pain.

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