Dr. Sheetal Patel -

Dr. Sheetal Patel

Dr. Patel has attended advanced standing program in dentistry and graduated from NYU college of dentistry in 2014. After graduating , she was working as lead general dentist in Multi-specialty dental clinic in Connecticut. Moved to Pennsylvanian 4yrs before, practicing dentistry and advancing her skills as lead dentist in Philadelphia area. After receiving doctorate degree in dentistry from India and worked for 2 years as general dentist, Dr. Patel has decided to come USA to do masters in health care administration. “Having a sweet tooth, I have suffered from dental problems during childhood since then I have decided to become dentist. I can easily empathize with patients without judgment. My aim is to provide quality of care with minimal invasive procedure with comfort, focusing on prevention and education of dental problems. Beside dentistry, I spend most of my time with my daughters. I love playing ping pong, hiking, cycling and being in nature”