Crowns in Chester Springs, PA

Is an annoying chip, crack, stain or fracture spoiling your smile? If so, our skilled dentists near you can fix the problem by placing custom-fitted dental crowns.

Why Consider Crowns?

Your teeth may lose their shape, size, or integrity due to injuries, decay, or natural wear and tear. Crowns can restore, protect, and cover a damaged tooth, especially when fillings can’t solve the problem. They not only upgrade your smile but also last for several years with proper care. The good news is that crowns do not require any special aftercare other than regular oral hygiene.

Our trained dentists at Dentist of Chester Springs place dental crowns to correct misshapen, cracked, chipped, and stained teeth. Crowns are also placed on abutments attached to implants. They support dental bridges and protect teeth that are weakened by root canal treatment. We may place ¾ crowns if the affected tooth still retains adequate structure.

If you have any questions regarding crowns, please contact our reliable dentists in Chester Springs, PA for an appointment.

Types of Dental Crowns

If you’re considering getting crowns near you, you can select from several different types:

Metal: These can be fabricated from gold, nickel, or chromium, and they are the most durable and strong. They are ideally suited for rear teeth, where chewing forces are much higher.

All-Porcelain: These offer the best aesthetics and are suitable for front tooth restorations. They are also a biocompatible option for patients who are allergic to metal. However, all-porcelain crowns are not as resistant to chipping as metal crowns.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal: These combine the natural appearance of porcelain with the strength of the metal. Poorly fitted crowns can damage the opposite tooth in the upper or lower arch.

Pressed Ceramic: These are made up of ceramic with a hard inner core that offers superior chip-resistance.

Do Crowns Get Damaged?

At times, dental crowns in Chester Springs, PA may crack high chewing forces or heavy consumption of hard foods. They may also be prone to damage if the patient suffers from teeth grinding. Please call our highly trained dentists at Dentist of Chester Springs if your crown doesn’t feel comfortable.