Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment in Chester Springs, PA

When most people think of fluoride, they probably picture toothpaste or over the counter rinses. In fact, there are many sources of fluoride for humans, from most toothpastes to water and certain foods. However, despite these sources, some patients are at greater risk than others for tooth decay due to lack of fluoride, and therefore benefit from professional fluoride treatment in Chester Springs, PA. Our dentists near you at Dentist of Chester Springs provide fluoride treatment to enhance the oral health of patients at risk for tooth decay.

Why Our Teeth Need Fluoride

The protective outer layer of our teeth, called enamel, is made up of minerals. These minerals that make up the hard surface of a tooth go through a process each day of depletion and replenishment, known as demineralization and remineralization. Demineralization takes place when bacteria in the mouth deplete minerals such as fluoride from a tooth’s enamel. Remineralization takes place when we consume water or certain foods, or apply products with fluoride to our teeth and the mineral is replenished within the surface of the tooth.

Our teeth need fluoride to maintain the health and strength of the tooth’s enamel. Otherwise, the enamel weakens and becomes vulnerable to tooth decay, which can result in dental cavities and other oral health issues. In general, a balanced diet and excellent at-home oral hygiene habits will keep a patient’s tooth enamel strong. However, some patients such as children or those with inadequate dental hygiene require additional fluoride treatment for better protection.

Fluoride Treatment Near You

Our dentists in Chester Springs, PA, offer professional fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth’s enamel and prevent the harmful effects of tooth decay. Fluoride treatment is applied during an in-office visit, usually as part of a routine dental examination and cleaning. This procedure is simple and quick and can have a large impact on protecting your teeth from decay.

Your oral health is important, including the strength of your teeth’s enamel. For more information about the effectiveness of fluoride treatment near you, contact our staff at Dentist of Chester Springs. We look forward to enhancing your dental health!