Sealants in Chester Springs, PA

While regular brushing and flossing are excellent ways to stave off decay, children need added protection when it comes to cavity formation. Even sincere young brushers may develop cavities as they may have difficulties reaching every nook and corner.

If you suspect that your child needs cavity treatment, please contact Dentist of Chester Springs for an appointment. Our dentists near you are trained to detect early signs of cavities when it’s easiest to reverse the decay.

Sealants Keep Out Tooth Decay 

Children with dental sealants in Chester Springs, PA enjoy three times more protection from cavities than children who don’t. The uneven and rough surface of premolars and molars makes them a favorite hiding place for food debris and bacteria. Plaque can rapidly build up, which will eventually turn into a cavity.

Sealants are an added safety net made up of ultra-thin resin that is painted over rear teeth. They harden to form a smooth, protective barrier over the chewing surface. We apply two coatings of sealants for children:

Sealing the teeth as soon as they erupt from the gums helps protects them from cavities.

How Sealants Are Applied

When the sealant is applied over a tooth with early-stage decay, they prevent the decay from worsening. We check sealants near you for damage during regular dental exams. Although sealants are effective, they cannot prevent cavity formation without adequate hygiene and regular brushing.

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